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Scabies Model

Scabies Model
Scabies Model
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Product Code : YB-09
Brand Name : Young Brothers
Product Description

131. Psoriasis on back (chronic).  Rs. 6000.00

132. Bubonic plaque  - Spread .   Rs. 6000.00

133. Black & brown rat.    Rs. 6000.00

134. Typhoid fever – prevention.  Rs. 6000.00

135. Typhoid fever – mode of spread.  Rs. 6000.00

136. Dysentry and diarrhea – mode of spread.  Rs. 6000.00

137. Dysentry and diarrhea – prevention and control.  Rs. 6000.00

138. Breeding places of files.  Rs. 6000.00

139. Intestinal diseases – set of three models of portions of large in testine having bacillary

       dysentery, amoebic dysentery & typhoid ulcer.   Rs. 7000.00

141. Interfollicular and subfollicular skin lesions resolving new temporary nodules shown during reaction.       Rs. 6000.00

142. Right half of back circinate erythymatous spread lesions resolving in centre.   Rs. 6000.00

143. Skin lesions infection spreading a long lymph channel.     Rs. 6000.00

144. Hand showing red patches in leprosy.  Rs. 6000.00

145. Face : - The depression of nose is due to the contraction of mucous membrane in the left

  side. The special cartilage is destroyed to a certain extent on account of grosser lesions found in syphilis where lesion is more often bilateral and the bony septum may also be destroyed.       Rs. 6000.00

146. Leprosy of left ear before treatment.   Rs. 6000.00

147. Leprosy of left ear after treatment.    Rs. 6000.00

148. Claw hand noting wasting of small musc  Early nerve lesions of elbow.       Rs. 6000.00

149. Lepra syphilitic.     Rs. 6000.00

150. Psoriasis or lepra alphoides.  Rs. 6000.00

151. Model of back with arm to show generalized

        skin in reactionary phase.                                                              Rs. 6000.00

152. Arm and forearm (ant. aspect) raised red

        patches in leprosy.                                                                                    Rs. 6000.00

153. Back leprous reaction (B2 type) note order

        bipigmented noduled and fresh

        erythomatous nodules.                                                                              Rs. 6000.00

154. Face right half leprosy (left half B2 type).                                       Rs. 6000.00

155. Face right half leprous reaction (B2 type)

        note erythomatous nodular patches.                                                           Rs. 6000.00

156. Clawhand nodules A2 B3 type.                                                                  Rs. 6000.00

157. Leprosy ear and face B3 type.                                                                   Rs. 6000.00

158. Lepra family.                                                                                            Rs. 6000.00

159. Hypopigmented patches in hand.                                                   Rs. 6000.00

160. Model showing onychogryphosis

        on nail of the foot.                                                                         Rs. 6000.00

161. Model showing sehbaceous horn growing

        from the skin of the lower lip.                                                                    Rs. 6000.00

162. Typical early carbuncle on hand.                                                   Rs. 6000.00

163. Cutaneous anthrax on fore-arm.                                                                Rs. 6000.00

164. Erysipelas on face.                                                                                    Rs. 6000.00

165. Erysipeloid on hand.                                                                                 Rs. 6000.00

166. Sub-cutaneous cellulites spreading from

        an infected prepateller barsa.                                                                     Rs. 6000.00

167. Large epithelioma with a typical edge on face.                                           Rs. 6000.00

168. Hunterian chancre.                                                                                    Rs. 6000.00

169. Gouty arthritis with an acute axacubation on hand.                         Rs. 6000.00

170. Typical ‘Turban’ tumour of the scalp.                                                        Rs. 6000.00



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