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Sulphuric Acid Vitriolage Face Model

Sulphuric Acid Vitriolage Face Model

Product Details:

  • Use In Biology
  • Type Art and Craft
  • Material Plastic
  • Shape Irregular
  • Color White and Brown

Sulphuric Acid Vitriolage Face Model Price And Quantity

  • 1 Piece
  • 3010 INR

Sulphuric Acid Vitriolage Face Model Product Specifications

  • White and Brown
  • Art and Craft
  • Plastic
  • In Biology
  • Irregular

Sulphuric Acid Vitriolage Face Model Trade Information

  • Cash in Advance (CID) Cash Advance (CA)
  • 15 Piece Per Day
  • 20 Days
  • Australia South America Western Europe Middle East Africa Asia Central America Eastern Europe North America
  • All India

Product Description

Backed with know-how and intellectual capacity in this domain, we are counted as a leading manufacturer and supplier of an exclusive range Sulphuric Acid Vitriolage Face Model. These models are used in forensic science to understand how sulphuric acid affects on human skin and face. Our highly experienced personnel team designs these models using superior grade fiber glass materials. Offered at the cost effective price, our Sulphuric Acid Vitriolage Face Model perfectly helps medical personals to deal with important signs and symptoms of sulphuric acid poisoning.



  • Can withstand high temperature

  • Light in weight

  • Sanitary





1.         Tatoo Marks over the forearm.                                                                                  Rs. 5000.00

2.         Tuft of  Hair.                                                                                                   Rs. 5000.00

3.         Post  Mortem Staining.                                                                                               Rs. 6500.00

4.                  CADAVERIC SPASM : The electric wire firmly grasped in the hand.

A Case of accidental death from electricity.                                                    Rs. 6500.00

5.         CADAVERIC SPASM : A razor is firmly grasped in hand. A case of suicide.            Rs. 5000.00

6.         Decomposed body of a boy. The cuticle has peeled off at places.                              Rs. 6500.00

7.         Decomposed body of a male showing especially blisters.                                           Rs. 6500.00


8.                  POST MORTEM CHANGES:

                                                                 Lividity developed over the face causing dark

                                                                 stains, except where prevented by pressure.

                                                            (On the tip of the nose,around the mouth and

                                                              over the brow,cheek & chin.)                                    Rs. 6500.00




9.                  Green putrefactive Networks:  Decomposition in air conspicuous green network

                                                                       corresponding to venous pattern made visible by

                                                          diffusion of hemolyzed putrefied blood and sulf 

                                                          hemoglobin in to tissue forty two hours after natural

                                                          death of a 50 Yrs. old man in a room outside temp.

                                                          28 degree centigrade.                                         Rs. 7000.00


10.              Red brown putrefactive Networks: decomposition in water, Red brown network

pattern due to staining of veins and diffusion of heomlyzed blood into

            adjacent subcutaneous tissues.                                                                         Rs. 7000.00


11.              Model of Marked gaseous swelling of face eyeballs and tongue producing frog

like  appearance. Peeling of epidermis with exposure of red brown dermis due

            to putrefactive hemolysis.                                                                                Rs. 7000.00




12.              Maggots on top of and underneath skin of the face and chest. Seven days after

natural death of a old man in a warm room. Maggots are clearly seen under

            neath the epidermis.                                                                                         Rs. 7000.00




13.       A fore-arm converted into Adipocere.                                                             Rs. 5000.00

14.       The adipocere of the leg but feet did not crumble because they were protected

by socks against the river current.                                                                    Rs. 6500.00




15          Model of porous condition of right hand & right foot is due to insect activity

prior to mummification.                                                                                               Rs. 6500.00




16.       a) Arch    b)Loop   c) whorl    d) Composite  (2 types) . 4 MODELS.                  Rs. 8000.00




17        a) Annular  b) Semilunar    c) Fimbriated        d) Imperforate      e) Cribriform

            f) Septate    g) Elastic & Distensible      h) Normal injury at Coitus

            i) Carunculae myritiformes.              9 MODELS.                                           Rs. 10000.00




18.       Abrasion on the face.                                                                                      Rs. 5500.00

19.       Abrasions on arm caused by teeth bite.                                                                       Rs. 5500.00

20.              Abrasion on Fore-arm by scraping against a concrete road following

a cycle accident.                                                                                              Rs. 5500.00




21.       Bruise on shoulder showing colour changes after 4 days.                                            Rs. 5500.00

22.       Contusions caused by blows from a blunt weapon. ( Stick ).                           Rs. 5500.00

23.       Bruise on arm caused by shoe heel.                                                                 Rs. 5500.00




24.       Incised wound inflicted with a knife.                                                              Rs. 5500.00

25.              Homicidal Multiple incised wounds. Depth an additional confirmatory

features.                                                                                                           Rs. 6000.00

26.              Punctured wound perforating the chest.

a)      Wound of Entrance.

b)      Wound of Exit.                2 Models.                      Rs. 8000.00


27.       Lacerated wounds of fore-arm caused by broken glass pane.                          Rs. 5500.00

28.       Lacerated wound of scalp caused by an ekka wheel.                                      Rs. 6500.00

29.       Axe wound.                                                                                                     Rs. 5500.00

30.       Self inflicted wounds on fore-arm.                                                                  Rs. 5500.00

31.       Multiple lacerated wound of scalp.                                                                  Rs. 5500.00

32.              DEFENSIVE  WOUND :

    Incised wound of finger & hand due to attempts

                                                         towards off assiliant's knife.                                          Rs. 6000.00

33.       Laceration of Brain.                                                                                         Rs. 5500.00

34.       Nose cut off with knife.                                                                                              Rs. 5000.00

35.       Nose bitten off with teeth.                                                                               Rs. 5000.00


36                HEALING OF WOUND:

            1ST. 12 Hrs.     24 Hrs.   36 Hrs.  48 Hrs.  3.5 Days & 3-4 Weeks,

                                                                                    6 MODELS.                            Rs. 9000.00




37.       Suicidal cut throat with razor.                                                                          Rs. 6500.00

38.       Suicidal wound inflicted by a razor on wrist.                                                   Rs. 5500.00

39.       Suicidal shot with pistol.                                                                                  Rs. 6500.00




40.       Homicidal cut throat, the multiple injuries.                                                      Rs. 6500.00

41.       Homicidal stab wound on neck.                                                                                  Rs. 6500.00

42.       Multiple Homicidal stab wound on abdomen.                                                 Rs. 6500.00

43.       A  Dah wound on skull. The skull & brain has ben removed.                         Rs. 6500.00

44.       Homicidal wound of the chest ( Stab Wound).                                                            Rs. 6500.00

45.       Homicidal multiple knife injuries.                                                                   Rs. 6500.00

46.       Homicidal injuries caused by an Axe.                                                             Rs. 6500.00




47                Skull injury caused by a .32 bore revolver fired in contact with skin.                        

1.  WOUND OF ENTRANCE     2. WOUND OF EXIT.       2 Models.                   Rs. 8500.00


48                Wound of a revolver bullet in skull bones. The edges of entrance wound are

clean cut while those of Exit wound are bevelled externally.

               1. Wound of Entrance   2. Wound of Exit.                           2 Models.                     Rs. 8500.00





49.              Front view showing ligature mark of hanging in the neck dribbling of sliva

from the right angle of the mouth.                                                                   Rs. 6500.00


50.       Hanging ligature mark on the neck.                                                                 Rs. 6500.00




51.       Homicidal Throttling.                                                                                       Rs. 6500.00

52.       Throttling :  Finger mark on the neck & upper lip & nostrils.                           Rs. 6500.00

53.       Homicidal Strangulation with telephone wire cord in the neck.                                   Rs. 6500.00

54.       Strangulation with nylon rope. The head is covered with plastic bag.              Rs. 6500.00    




55.       Froth at the Nostrils.                                                                                        Rs. 6500.00

56.       Grass firmly grasped in the hand.                                                                    Rs. 5500.00

57.       Corrugated skin of feet.                                                                                               Rs. 5500.00

58.       Corrugated skin of Hand.                                                                                Rs. 5500.00

59.              Model of sodden condition of skin on palmar aspect of fingers and

palm of hand in the case of drowning.                                                                        Rs. 5500.00




60.       Homicidal gagging of a old man by cloth.                                                       Rs. 6500.00




61.       Rape injury in Child.                                                                                       Rs. 5500.00

62.       Model of a case of Sodomy – Passive agent of boy.                                       Rs. 5500.00

63.       Typical breast of a virgin.                                                                                Rs. 5500.00

64.       Slightly pendulous breasts of a recently married woman.                                            Rs. 5500.00




65.       Extensive Burns from clothes catching fire.                                                    Rs. 6500.00

66.       Scalds from a fall into a cauldron of boiling ghee.                                          Rs. 6500.00

67.       DEATH FROM BURNING: Note the slight pugilistic attitude.                         Rs. 8500.00

68.       Burn on the back with a heated metallic ladle.                                                 Rs. 6500.00

69.       Burn on the face from Kerosene Oil Lamp.                                                     Rs. 6500.00




70.       Lightning Injuries.                                                                                            Rs. 6500.00

71.       Lesion of hand from contact with a live wire a current of 250 Volts.              Rs. 6000.00

72.       Electric burn on leg.                                                                                         Rs. 5500.00

73.       DEGREE OF BURN : 1ST. Degree to 6th. Degree….. 6 Models.        Rs. 10000.00




74.              Sulphuric Acid Poisoning. Stains on angles of mouth and chin due to

corrosive action of sulphuric acid.                                                                   Rs. 7000.00

75.       Sulphuric acid Vitriolage on the face and chest.                                                          Rs. 7000.00

76.       Stomach in poisoning by  Sulphuric Acid.                                                       Rs. 5000.00

77.              Poisoning of a mixture of Sulphuric and nitric acid. Stains on Lip,

right angles of mouth, chin due to corrosive action of these acid.                               Rs. 6500.00

78.       Nitric acid Vitriolage on the body.                                                                   Rs. 6500.00

79.       Stomach in poisoning by Nitric acid.                                                               Rs. 5000.00

80.       Stomach in poisoning by Hydrochloric acid.                                                   Rs. 5000.00

81.       Stomach in poisoning by Oxalic acid.                                                              Rs. 5000.00

82.       Stomach in acute poisoning by Arsenic.                                                                      Rs. 5000.00

83.       Arsenic Skin Complications. (Front View).                                                      Rs. 6500.00

84.       Stomach in poisoning by Pottasium Cyanide.                                                  Rs. 5000.00

85.              Acetic Acid Poisoning : Stains on the Lip and tongue caused by

Glacial acetic acid.                                                                                           Rs. 6500.00





86.       Stomach in poisoning by Lysol.                                                                                   Rs. 5000.00

87.        Lysol burns of the Lip running down over the chin on to the neck.

Suicide by drinking from a cup.                                                                                  Rs. 6500.00

88.       Copper Sulphate Poisoning (Suicidal) presence in mouth.                               Rs. 6000.00

89.       Stomach in Poisoning by Caustic potash.                                                         Rs. 5000.00

90.       Stomach in Poisoning by Carbolic acid.                                                                       Rs. 5000.00

91.       Mouth & tongue in poisoning by Cocaine.                                                      Rs. 6000.00

92.       Stomach Poisoning by Phosphorus… red & white.. 2 models.                         Rs. 9000.00

93. Stomach poisoning by Opium.                                                                               Rs. 5000.00

94. Stomach Poisoning by Alcohol.                                                                             Rs. 5000.00




95.      Fractured and extensive lacerated wound caused by a lorry running

over a person lying over the ground.                                                               Rs. 7500.00

96.      Tyre mark of a lorry passed over the skull.                                                      Rs. 7500.00

97.        Model of contrecoup Lacerations of the brain. A old man fell striking the

back of his head on the road after he was struck by an automobile.

Note the lacerations and contusions on the undersurface of both frontal

and temporal lobes.                                                                                         Rs. 8500.00


98.        SNAKE BITE…… VIPER.(Toxic).                                                                 Rs. 5000.00

99.        SNAKE BITE……. NON-TOXIC.                                                                  Rs. 5000.00

100.     Death from Starvation.                                                                                                Rs. 9000.00

101. Set of poison                                                                                           Rs. 50000.00

102. Set of weapons.                                                                                       Rs. 50000.00



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